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Ceiling fans are a great way to save some bucks on heating and cooling bills. They also add drama to almost any tense situation, their blades slowly swooshing as an intense scene unfolds. Light becomes shadow and shadow becomes light. Well, in the movies anyways. In real life, they just circulate air and sometimes the kids will throw balloons and Nerf balls into the ceiling fan.

Another way to save money is by reclaiming them from an old house. And this article will attempt to show you how to do it safely and easily. All right! Let

1. Get a ladder.

2. Turn off the electricity.  This step is so very, very, very, important to your life.

3. Remove all the glass bits. Unscrew the light bulbs. Remove the glass globe if applicable. Set any screws inside the glass globe.

4. Most ceiling fans will have a cover or a canopy that conceals the mounting brackets. The fan above me, at this very moment, has a cover. Use a screwdriver to remove that cover. Set the cover with the glass bits.

5. Disconnect the wiring. Put all caps back on the wires.

6. Lift ceiling fan. Slide it out of mounting bracket.  Set it aside.

7. Unscrew mounting bracket. Remove it.

8. Make sure all exposed wires are covered or capped before vacating premises.

9. How Stuff Works has instructions on how to install a ceiling fan.

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