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If you're like me, you've made the mistake of skipping the beautiful bamboo and woven wood shades for cheap-y, plastic mind blinds for one reason only: their unbeatable cost.

Ever since, you've dwelled in regret. Mini blinds are seldom seen as sexy. Their plastic panels are plain, synthetic and often a pain in the butt since they seem to attract dust and require frequent cleaning.

Are you looking at yours in disgust yet? Don't just mope about it. Do something. Turn them into beautiful Roman Shades like this blogger over at Little Green Notebook.

After taking some measurements, removing some slats and trimming away some of the ladder-like strings (without removing the lift string), she went to work repurposing boring, old Ikea mini blinds into very chic, Roman-esque, blue-gray burlap window shades

Lucky for us, we can do the same. Here's what's needed: a tape measure, scissors, fabric glue, fabric (you'll need to measure your windows to know how much you need) and a couple of hours on a weekend.

The money saved, not to mention the time you'd otherwise waste wandering in a window treatment store, will be oh-so worth it. And our planet would approve. Our bad mini blind shopping choice made in years past will be redeemed when we choose to reuse them instead of dumping them into a landfill for a brand new, more beautiful set.

Click over to the Little Green Notebook to get the instructions.

::Lifehacker via Little Green Notebook 

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