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Growing up in the burbs most houses had at least a couple plastic flower whirligigs in the front yard. Some tried to look like sunflowers, but they came in just about any color imaginable. After a season, the colors would fade, and the sticks would rust. I still see them here and there in my neighborhood, looking just as cheap and cheesy as always.

My neighbors could use a lesson from Mike Lieberman (@CanarsieBK).

Mike was inspired by some unique metal flowers that he saw in a nearby community garden, and he did a short video and blog post over at Greenopolis about how to make your own. The process is really simple, and, as Mike says, you can be as creative as you want.

In the video, Mike shows how to make a flower or pinwheel by reusing a soda can. The tools are very basic: a razor knife, some scissors, a bottle cap, string, and a stick. And even the very simple version that he demonstrates in the video looks about a million times better than those cheap plastic ones I see whenever I walk my daughter to school.

Of course, you can let your creativity run wild by bending or rolling the "petals" into different shapes and sizes. You can sand off the existing logo so that your flower is bare metal. Or you could break out the paints and make a colorful metal flower garden.

This is one of those projects that proves that when we look at our trash in a new light, we can do amazing things. With no money, simple tools, and a little imagination, trash becomes an almost surrealist bit of art for your garden, tabletop, or wall.

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