Dogs are supposed to be man's best friend, but I've never seen one as the best man at a wedding or even an usher for that matter. A dog has never taken me out for a beer during a painful breakup or helped me move. Even though dogs have never really been there for me, I've had to follow them around with a glove and a sack and take care of some of their nastier business. It's about time for dogs to give something back.

Now they can. An episode of Renovation Nation featured a family that built a dog waste composter in their backyard. Here is how they did it:

1. Buy a metal garbage can. They are easier to move than rubber or plastic.

2. Poke holes in the garbage can. Remember those jars that you kept bugs in as a kid. Do just like you did then. You can use a drill if you want.

3. Dig a hole and put the can in it. Make sure that that top of the can is flesh with the surface of the soil.

4. Pour some water and bacteria in the can.

5. Add the pet waste.

6. Now that this is what MacGyver would have done had he not lived on a houseboat.

Did you know that the average dog excretes over 250 pounds of waste a year? Some cities won't let you throw pet waste into the regular trash. Dog waste composting is a great way to aid the environment and to green up your pet and garden.

There is one important note. Don't use dog waste compost on food crops. I will not eat at your house if you do.

Victoria Stilwell, of Animal Planet's It's Me or the Dog helps owners whose pets eat poop.