Photo: Mark Gocke/Wyoming Game and Fish


First whooping cranes, now pronghorn antelope? It wasn't long ago that we reported on the senseless slaying of three endangered whooping cranes in Georgia. Now comes news of 10 pronghorn antelope killed by a creep behind the wheel near the Wyoming-Colorado border.

According to HuffPo, Wyoming game officials say the driver of a vehicle intentionally hit and killed the animals, which are known as antelope but are actually more like giraffes. You don't have to be a treehugger to find this gruesome. As of this writing, the driver is still at large.

It's said that Wyoming has more pronghorn than people. Still, the pronghorn population has been greatly reduced since the 1800s. They're the last surviving member of the Antilocapridae family. They're also considered by some to be the fastest land mammal in North America (more than 60 mph).

A $5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the hit-and-run motorist, who could face charges of taking trophy big game out of season, and destruction of animals. Slaughtered were five bucks, four fawn and a doe.

"The carcasses were scattered along a 190-yard span and were on both edges of the road," the Rawlins Daily Times reports.