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If your pampered pooch bolts under the bed before you can spell out B-A-T-H," consider making this dry shampoo-excerpted from the delightful Eco Dog (2008, Chronicle Books) by Corbett Marshall and Jim Deskevich-to spot-clean greasy, dirty spots. Of course, you shouldn't use this method as a complete substitute for a regular know, but it can be a boon when you need to stretch the time between rub-a-dub-dub sessions.

Dry Doggie Shampoo

1. Place 1/2-1 cup bran, oatmeal, or cornmeal on a cookie sheet.

2. Place in a warm overn for 5 minutes to warm the grain. Do not allow the grain to burn or be so hot that it would be uncomfortable for your pet.3. Rub the grain into fur with a towel, removing it from the cookie sheet as you use it, so the remaining grain stays warm as long as possible.

4. Pay most attention to the areas of the body that are dirtiest or greasiest.

5. Brush treated areas thoroughly until all the grain is removed.

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Difficulty level: Easy