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Move over Tupperware. There's a new party in town!

Lynn Hasselberger, founder of, sells environmentally low-impact products, encouraging earth-friendly consumerism with every purchase made from her Chicago office.

Now she's inviting greenies, nationwide, to join in the fun by co-hosting an Earth360 Go Green Party.

"Guests go absolutely crazy for the products," says Lynn. At the same time, she says, "environmental awareness is raised and people learn how easy (and even chic) it can be to begin an earth-friendlier lifestyle."

Steps to Hosting a Earth360 Go Green Party:

1. Decide if you want to host and have a space available for at least 15-20 people

2. Contact Lynn directly

3. Lynn will brings all of her products—beyond what's listed on her website—or assign someone from her green network

4. You invite your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. Lynn streamlines the invitation process with a colorful, custom-made email invite

5. If you have some of your own products, or have neighbors who do, include those as well!

Other Eco Perks: The host/ess earns 7% in myEARTH360 'green' to use toward any product, from practical products like biodegradable garbage bags to colorful eco-chic fashion. A percentage of the proceeds go towards the National Environmental Education Foundation—raising awareness among kids for environmental issues is another one of Lynn's passions.

Do double duty and keep the concept of 'reuse' alive and well—make it a clothing swap party too!