Courtesy of Zev Goldberg


In my visually-driven (and yes, I'll admit, sometimes superficial) mind, nothing beats beautiful form that meets function like these Upside Down Hanging Earth Boxes by Instructables user velvel.

I love the clash between their urban style and the natural greenery spilling under them from below. To me, a metaphor that city living can keep its cool industrial chic look in an all-natural way, tying in rural, garden charm.

Other than having a very impressive, artistic-like display on your apartment balcony that'll brighten up your space without taking up space, your Earth Boxes will contribute to fresher, cleaner city air (since plants act as natural air purifiers)—and you'll get to enjoy the bounty of delicious homegrown veggies depending on what you choose to plant. Tomatoes or cucumbers, perhaps?

And when your food is only as far as your balcony and primarily plant-based, you'll be taking a large, easy stride towards lowering your overall carbon footprint by cutting out the fossil-fuel burning transportation costs of your food's farm to supermarket to plate travel.

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