Quit losing your picks with the help of a milk jug and Gatorade lid.

If you play guitar, or even know someone who does play guitar, you know all about how easily picks get lost. Guitar picks get lost faster than socks in a dryer. They get lost because they're little. They get lost because other guitarists swipe them. They get lost because they're just replaceable little pieces of plastic in the eyes of many musicians. And that's the thing that needs to change. Plastic doesn't help our environment one bit so the green idea is to keep your picks around until they're totally unusable, then reuse them.

Meet the guitar pick holder you can make in a minute flat.

Zoom 1. Locate a milk jug lid. Then locate a Gatorade lid (or one like it).

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Seward.

2. Place your picks inside the inner part of the milk jug lid.

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Seward.

3. Pop the Gatorade lid over the milk jug lid.

You'll find they lock in perfectly with one another. With some effort, they'll snap undone and reveal your non-lost picks, but the pair won't come undone on their own under usual circumstances. (Just in case you thrash around uncontrollably in your heavy metal band each night, I'm not making any promises).

Tip: Personalize the front of the Gatorade lid to help make it clear that your new guitar pick holder is, in fact, a guitar pick holder, and not just two unsuspecting bottle lids locked together.

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Seward.