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Insulation is one of the greenest things you can do to your home. Heating and cooling comprise the majority of an average home's energy consumption. On top of that, insulation protects the house from rot, mold and decay, stretching the home's lifespan. Maintaining an old house is greener than building a new one. Here are a few DIY ways to insulate your home.

1. Attic/Walls/Crawlspace

The attic is where most of the heat escapes. (It rises.) Tiger Foam Insulation is a form of spray foam that comes in a canister. It's flame retardant and produces no VOCs. You won't have to worry about those pesky indoor air quality problems. Use this to insulate your attic, your crawlspaces or anywhere, really.

2. Windows

Windows, if you haven't heard, account for about ¼ of heat loss in the home. Windows can be insulated inexpensively and thoroughly with energy panels. And in the winter, throw up some quilted drapes or blackout curtains for extra warmth.

3. Doors

You can pick up a weather-stripping kit for under twenty dollars. This'll insulate the spaces around your doors and windows. You may want to consider a storm door as well.

4. Chimney

A glass door is a good start. You should also consider a better flue damper and a chimney balloon to further insulate the chimney.

5. Caulking You will want to make sure that air isn't leaking through your electrical outlets and plumbing fixtures. Foam insulating gaskets and caulking can solve most of these problems. One small note, make sure that your house has adequate ventilation. Tiger Foam Insulation from Eco Answers was featured on the Elle's Challenge Episode of Wa$ted!