Houseplants are a decorative and healthy addition to any home. They detox your apartment air while reminding you of the nature outdoors. And cats are a furry buddy who you can curl up with. But when cat meets ficus, the results can be less than desirable. Is there any way that you can teach these two household denizens to get along?

A Green Reminder: Many people use Tabasco sauce or mothballs to keep cats out of their plants. Mothballs are toxic and Tabasco sauce can end up in your cat's eye. Don't employ these methods to keep your cats off the plants. Some plants are toxic to cats, so do your research before bringing home a new cat or houseplant.

How to Keep Cats Away From Houseplants Naturally

1. Unobtainable Houseplants

Keep your houseplants in hard-to-reach places. Hang your plants from the ceiling so the cat can't get to it.

2. Protect the Soil

Line the bottoms of your houseplants with glass marbles or pebbles. That way your cat won't be tempted to use the plant as a litter box.

3. Let them eat grass!

Cat owners rave about the indoor grass that you can buy for your cat. Cats chew the grass leave your other plants alone.

4. Fortify Your Position Place a few small cacti around the base of your more besieged houseplants. The cat will not want to walk on the cacti and your plant will be protected. 5. Coat the Leaves Grannick's Bitter Apple Spray can be applied to the leaves of your beleaguered houseplants. This is the same stuff that veterinarians use to keep dogs from biting off their bandages, so you know that it's safe for the cat. The most potent chemical is isopropyl alcohol which breaks down in water.