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Keeping your cubicle clean helps you stay organized, present a professional appearance to your colleagues, and just plain feel more on top of your job. Check out these green tips for maintaining an eco-friendly workspace, and you'll be well on your way to a neat, tidy and totally sustainable workday.

Recycle at your Desk

Maximize your efficiency by setting up a station for recycling at your desk. Having a recycling center right in arm's reach lets you banish trash the earth-smart way, and get rid of any and all recyclables cluttering up your space, without even standing up. Talk about streamlining!

The Eco-Friendly Way to Clean your Keyboard

Ditch that can of compressed air in favor of a simpler, and greener, solution that doesn't require lots of packaging. How about you try cleaning your keyboard with a small reusable brush, or a rag?

Make your own Green Office Cleaning Products

DIY cleaning products are a snap to make, can help shrink your ecological footprint, and will improve your indoor air quality. Instead of grabbing a commercial product as an answer to your grime and grit, make your own easy, all-natural wood polish for your desk, or a simple borax-based surface cleaner. Once you've made your green cleaning kit, try leaving it in an office common area, so your colleagues can match your green commitment.

Use a Featherduster to Green your Cubicle

Dust is one of the biggest maintenance problems in a workspace, especially if you have the kind of job where you end up leaving your file cabinets dormant for a while. Instead of grabbing an energy-sucking vacuum or dustbuster to banish the bunnies, just reach for a good old-fashioned featherduster. It's reusable, and just as easy and effective as an electricity-powered solution.