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My girlfriend has about 20 different bottles of shampoos. (I'm exaggerating for effect.) But whenever I'm trying to take a shower and I reach for the apple cider vinegar, it's like playing a soapy version of Jenga. If I touch the wrong shampoo bottle, they all come crashing down from the tub's edge. Then I have to gently place all the bottles back on the ledge. And If I'm not careful, they all come crashing down again. It's getting to the point where I have to time my heartbeats in order to place the bottles down without spilling them all. Plus, I'm turning off the water every time I stop showering in order to restack the shampoo bottles. It's a shampoo nightmare.

And what happens when all those bottles run out of shampoo? How am I going to reuse all those bottles?

1. Cut the shampoo bottle in half. Remove the lid. Use the open top-halves of the shampoo bottles to funnel water directly to the plant's roots in the garden.

2. Turn the lower half into a pen and pencil holder.

3. Fill the shampoo bottle with rocks or gravel. Place the bottle in the toilet tank to reduce your water consumption.

4. Make your own shampoo and refill old bottles.

5. Turn your old shampoo bottle into a hot water bottle for cold nights and sore muscles.

6. Fill shampoo bottles with grey water. Use them to wash vegetables or water houseplants. The holes in their lids will allow you to use a very precise amount of water.