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Weening yourself off of foods that are so unnaturally unhealthy for you that they don't expire for years after being made should be a positive thing, right? Our bodies don't operate nearly as well on that kind of 'junk' as they do on fresh foods. Which is why you should start your own garden.

If climate change keeps going the awful direction that it is, obtaining as many fresh vegetables and fruits as we can today will likely be a lot more difficult in the future. Researchers are now saying that there is a 90 percent probability that the minimum temperatures in the tropics and sub-tropical regions will be higher than the maximums so far recorded by the year 2100. While it's hard to really process what that means, one thing it certainly will mean is less food...or at least food the way we know it.

Starting a garden right now is good for your future and the future of your children. Children raised in a home that gardens will be more likely to do so themselves in their adult lives. If you own land that is not a part of the sub-tropical regions or tropics, starting a garden is even more important. Harvesting the soil you have now and continuing to harvest it will one day yield important crops from your land that might not be harvested if you don't make room for a garden.

Think it's too cold to start a garden right now? Consider starting an indoor garden.

Of course the base idea is to do all that we can to undo the downward spiral of global warming, but gardening in the meantime, as a more organic means to an end if nothing else, won't do our planet anything but good.