Dunca Daniel/istockphoto


There are a plethora of ways to reuse human hair. If you're the penitent type, you can knit old hair into a nifty shirt. Or you can donate old hair to charities like Locks of Love. One of the more popular forms of hair disposal is giving it to the birds.

I've been made aware of a new use for human hair. Your head fuzz can be employed in the garden as a fertilizer. You can put hair in the compost box, but hair, by itself, makes a great fertilizer. Remember to remove all beautification chemicals and dyes from your hair before adding it to your compost bin.

From Discovery News:

We concluded that human hair can release a sufficient amount of nutrients to support crops," said agricultural scientist Valtcho Zeliazkov of Mississippi State University in Verona. "This is a waste material with clear benefits for producers and the environment.

Hair won't make your plants grow overnight. It takes about a month for the hair to break down into soil-friendly components. And considering that 200,000 lbs of human hair goes to the landfill annually, putting it in your garden might be a better place for it.