Combining new and antique with recycling and "don't-make-'em-like-this-anymore" style to create something fabulous and green, services like that found at MetroSofa rescue old and antique sofa and chair frames and gives them a new lease on life. After repairing the frame, they work with you (and do a few themselves) to pick out new textiles, cushions and finishes with green production and manufacturing in mind.

The finished pieces can be classics reborn, a delightful modern infusion on a classic style, or a little bit of both; if you can dream it, they can help you realize it with a totally unique, totally you sofa or occasional chair. And, perhaps the best part is that you'll have a new (to you, at least) piece-choose from their stock on hand, or design your own-that will serve you and yours well for decades to come. A similar service is available at Chairloom, who, rather than selling new furniture, prefers to "affirm the transformative power of applying a fresh, creative vision to quality antiques." Based in Pennsylvania, they place equal importance on the value of being found and of giving (and receiving) second chances; these principles pervade and guide their work as they turn old chairs into new heirlooms.

It would be great if we could all reupholster old furniture all the time; if you can't, these two will help outfit you with furniture that won't cost the planet and will be as durable as anything you'd buy new. ::Metrosofa and ::Chairloom

[Via: 2Modern Design Talk and Remodelista]

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