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p>Picture frames are among the most universal decorations there are—who doesn't have at least a few propped up on their shelves and desks? And if the frames are still infiltrating our homes, even in this digitalized decade, it'd be a good idea to get the greenest ones possible.

Eco Friendly Frames Online

These frames from Green House Framing are made from reclaimed and recycled wood—as is all of the packaging they're shipped in.

This frame from Ten Thousand Villages is made from recycled newsprint—and it's stylish, unconventional look makes for a sharp frame for one of your favorite photos.

Find a Green Picture Frame Locally

Do as these picture frame hunters suggest and look around at thrift stores or garage sales for your next set of picture frames. You could stumble upon some funky, retro frames—and you'll be recycling in the truest sense of the word.

The Ultimate Eco-Frame

The greenest picture frame there is? The one you make yourself, of course. Get creative—use old wood, magazines, cardboard?even old box lids.

With so many green options for framing your photos, hopefully you won't ever need to buy a conventional frame again.