Simple sheets of scrapbook paper change this formerly white wall from bland to bright swellgirl78/


If you live in an apartment with strict no-painting rules and you are tired of white walls, here are a few innovative ways to bring color to your space without doing permanent damage to your walls, or your pocketbook.

1. Color Block Wall Mosaic Attach sheets of scrapbook paper with removable glue dots to your wall for a bright, sophisticated splash of color.

2. Wall Art Use a simple motif (like hearts) in a repeat pattern for a large, striking wall mural.

3. Cat's Cradle A few thumbtacks and some colorful yarn are all you need to make this playful string art.

4. Matisse-inspired Wall Mural Get inspired! This mural is a replica of a Matisse work. All that was needed was some bright papers, some scissors, and some removable glue dots to transform this apartment living room.

5. Foyer Tree Although the tree trunk in this inspiration is actually painted, the fabric leaves are attached to the walls with starch and are easily removable. If you can't paint, consider starching the trunk on as well.