Books previously destined for the trash become a great looking book shelf McJulie-O/


No one likes to destroy a good book, but when books become damaged or outdated, often they are destined for the landfill. Here are a few creative projects that reuse old books found in thrift stores or library sales.

1. Book Shelf This handsome book shelf was made with discarded Reader's Digest books.

2. Cute Clock Children's books with torn or missing pages can be transformed into fanciful nursery clocks.

3. Handy Expanding File Here's another use for old Reader's Digest books: make this great expanding file to keep track of your lists and coupons.

4. Bibliophile Headboard Make this striking headboard from colorful, overlapped book covers.

5. Innovative Bar 700 outdated reference and library books were used to make this one of a kind bar!