cup of home brew coffee photo


A couple of years ago, the news of Starbucks closing 600 of their doors would have been shocking. Today, it is just another weekly headline about a large corporation topping out.

With energy prices reaching new records each day, and with alternatives unavailable at a level of mass consumption, people are saving where they can. Coffee is first on that list for many Americans.

I'm not suggesting giving up coffee, come on! I?m referring to the pre-Starbucks home brew.

Brewing coffee at home was the norm before Starbucks made coffee its own outing. And now that Americans are tightening up their budget where possible, brewing coffee at home has returned for many of us.

Once we factor in the cost of the gourmet coffee and the cost of driving there, each time we brew a cup at home, we save about the equivalent of a gallon of gas. That?s HUGE!

I used to think I was saving money by using the wi-fi at my independent coffee shop in my neighborhood. As much as I want to support them, once I calculated the cost of my daily brew plus "accessories," I learned that it was MUCH cheaper to get broadband internet at home and brew my own cup. I also learned that it was cheaper still, if I tap into my neighbor?s wi-fi signal.

Coffee is the most traded commodity after crude oil. If we could brew our own gas...

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