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Freebies and tutorials make my day. While the attraction may seem obvious, I'll just elaborate: I love these online project tidbits, because they present the ingenuity of the DIY spirit in all its flying colors!

Tutorials are popping up all over the web. DIY tutorials are instructional lessons that lead the viewer through a series of step-by-step directions. Generally, a tutorial will include what materials are needed to make the project and the steps to make it from beginning to completion.

Going green at home doesn't have to drain your bank account. With some recycling, repurposing and creative resourcefulness, it is easy to create useful and decorative green items for your home and save money. Here's a room-by-room roundup of inspiring, free (or almost free), eco-friendly DIY projects for your EcoNest. Click on the project for the tutorial. I've included two projects for each room!


1. Compost Holder-

An easy and green DIY project that uses a two gallon bucket, a scrubbing pad and some glue.

2. Reusable Swiffer Pad-

The creator of this project sums up why she came up with this cleaning solution. "I contemplated tossing the dreaded Swiffer, because every time I looked at it, I felt more and more guilty about my purchase. But since I already felt guilty about throwing all those pads away, why would I throw the Swiffer away? It was then that I decided to make my own re-useable Swiffer pads?"

Dining Room

3. Dining Table Made From A Door- This dining table is stunning and has endless possibilities. The creator used an old wood door and four IKEA table legs. This table could easily be made with just these two items, but to further the aesthetics of the table, the pictured table is lined with decorative paper and covered with tempered glass. 4.Hanging Glass Rack- This is an easy project made from coat hangers. This picture is a pixilated painting. It's made by cutting paint chips (from a home improvement store) into two inch squares. The painting process is much like a paint-by-number mosaic. Green Genius! This is a quirky project that uses a few antique suitcases and table legs. 7. Pillows From Shirts- Got some old plaid shirts? These cozy plaid pillows are easy to sew up. 8. Cardboard Furniture- This is an adventurous project, and it obviously isn't the best piece of furniture for a damp space. But, it's an interesting concept, especially if you've got a huge refrigerator box hanging around. Kid's Room 9. Piñata- Every day's a party with a hanging piñata Make one with your kids. 10. Photo Blocks- I did this with a school class. Fun to make, fun to play with and a fun decorating idea. Bathroom 11. Bathmat made from recycled towels- Wow, I love this project and have already started making one. You will need to purchase gridded matting, like the kind used for rug making. 12. Bamboo Curtain Rod- This is an elegant, yet rustic idea for a shower curtain rod. It uses a sized piece of bamboo for the rod and a dried seed pod as a finial. Natural and inspiring! Office 13. Paint Can Organizer- Easy and free. If you don't have empty paint cans, ask at your local home improvement store. 14. Fabric Covered Mousepad- This is another clever, simple project, and would make a great gift as well. Den 15. Magazine Holders- Empty cereal boxes make this DIY project free. 16. IPod Holder- Print out the pattern on cardstock and fold for a nest for your IPod. Craftroom/Studio 17. Tic Tac Storage- All those little candy containers have a great reuse for capturing beads and small objects. Start collecting! 18. Spool Knitting Loom- I remember making lots of long knitted ropes on spool looms when I was a Girl Scout. This DIY loom is all grown up. Laundry Room 19. Window Screen Hamper- This project requires some materials, but the main ingredients are old window screens. Very, very cool. 20. Laundry Soap Recipe- What more can be said for a project that saves money, your health and the planet! 21. Love/hate Martha? Either way, check out Martha Stewart?s Craft of the Day. This site provides a dearth of ideas for home décor that range from bright green to not so green, but always beautify photographed and with easy to understand directions. Also, The Crafts Dept. is a treasure trove of inspiring projects. Get green and crafty with more ideas from our Green DIY feature At Care2, we believe that individual actions can collectively make a difference. Whether you start making differences in your home, your community, or across the globe, we are glad to help you on your journey. Join us today! With more than 11 million members, Care2 is the largest online community of people making a difference in healthy and green living, human rights and animal welfare. Join us today!