Fun Ways To Upcycle Old Catalogs
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A dotty wallcovering to perk up any room


Now that the holiday season is over, do you find you have stacks and stacks of catalogs everywhere? Here are five fun things you can make or do with those extra catalogs that are currently cluttering up your life.

1. Dotty wallcovering

Absolutely free wallcovering that's guaranteed to make you smile.

2. Unique calendar for your desk

Use images, patterns, numbers and words from your old catalogs to make this gorgeous flip calendar.

3. Cuff bracelet with paper beads

No one will ever guess you made this stylish looking cuff bracelet from junk mail!

4. Ikebana floral arrangement

This beautiful Ikebana arrangement never needs water. Customize the flower colors to match your decor!

5. Sunburst accent mirror Here's a stylish room accent that mimics an antique style. Gorgeous!