Gardenology's user-friendly wiki style website


New Gardeners Benefit From Wiki-Style Info Source

If you're just getting started on a garden and you're looking to learn more about what plants to use, Gardenology is a new wiki database that will provide everything you need to know.

Gardenology is a plant wiki encyclopedia, dedicated to garden plants. But it's not a dull, dry encyclopedia. It focuses on not only information about the plants, but also how to grow them, teaching readers about zones, watering needs, plant sizes, propogation and more.

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Rather than taking the standard Wikipedia approach that is information only, Gardenology takes a"how-to" approach. You can learn about fruits, vegetables, tress, flowers and more, and more importantly, learn how to grow them all yourself.

You can search for information based on season, plant groups, search a glossary of botany terms, learn the basics about plants, and how to grow them from making your own compost to harvesting.

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Gardenology Need Experienced Gardeners to Help Out

Already listing over 16,000 articles, this is a great resource for gardeners. But, since it is wiki-based, it needs smart people adding information.

Growing food ourselves is one of the most sustainable ways to eat. And we're seeing a wonderful resurgence of home gardens, even in densely populated urban areas. Roof top gardens and container gardens are booming, but getting information to people new to gardening is key to a fruitful harvest. This handy wikipedia from Gardenology can be a great, fast, accessible resource - but it needs experienced gardeners to add their knowledge and photos.

If you're a gardener, check out Gardenology and lend your knowledge to the site. You can help edit plant pages, add new plants, upload photos, and participate in the forums.