It's been a while since I've checked out the garden projects posted over at Instructables, and I'm glad I finally took the time to browse a bit. These are three of my favorite garden-related projects.

1. Bee Hive Of course I love this project. I am coveting bee hives lately. There is no way I can have bees at our current house, so I'll have to make do by ogling other gardeners' bee hives. This is a great design for a top bar hive that starts with a wooden dresser drawer. Simple to make, beautiful, and Earth-friendly. Sigh. Someday....

2. Terra Cotta Fountain I may not be able to swing the bee hives here, but I can find a spot for a small water feature. This fountain project takes a few terra cotta pots and a pump and turns them into a beautiful fountain for your garden. The pots shown in this particular Instructable could be a bit pricey, but the same could be done (though maybe not as prettily) with simpler pots. And, as someone mentioned in the comments, you could easily make this a solar-powered fountain if you bought an inexpensive solar kit for it.

3. Simple Greenhouse for Under $25 No, I won't be able to grow tomatoes in the middle of a Michigan winter with this little greenhouse, but I can definitely get a jump on spring planting and grow a few cool weather crops later than usual. I have a couple of these, and last year was able to grow arugula, mache, and spinach through the winter. This is definitely a worthwhile project!