Electrical sockets are known for being a place where electricity is often wasted. But did you know that they can waste energy in more than obvious ways?

On Renovation Nation, experts sometimes blow air into houses to find places where heat can escape. Using a smoke gun, a device that expels small puffs of smoke, it?s easy to find that in many homes, heat can easily escape through the walls via the electrical sockets.

In that episode, the house was still under construction. The carpenters were aware that heat escapes through electrical sockets, switches and light fixtures and planned to fix, but this usually comes to a surprise to homeowners. Sometimes, it is easy being green, and plugging socket leaks is one way. Here are three tips for proper socket maintenance:

- Make your sockets more energy efficient by removing the cover plate and resealing them with a fresh coating of caulk.

- Buy a foam insulating gasket that competently stops heat from escaping through the outlet.

- Replace broken cover plates and always keep unused electrical outlets covered with an insulator.

By sealing your sockets you?ll not only keep your heat locked down in your home but your utility bills will stay down as well!