You can't take the train from LA to NY every time your sister has a baby. It's not temporally feasible. You don't have time to spend weeks chugging around on the rails. You have a job and a life. Sometimes you have to fly. There are ways to reduce the environmental impact of your flight. They aren?t that hard. (Some aren't that cheap.) But anyone can do them.

1. Book a Direct Flight 50% of carbon emissions are released during takeoff and landing. You can save 272 gallons of jet fuel by booking a direct flight.

2. Choose a Green Airline Some airlines have taken strides to reduce emissions and save energy. Reward the greener airlines by flying with them. Always encourage them to go greener. I like the TRX carbon calculator. It breaks down the carbon cost of flights by airline.

3. Buy Carbon Offsets Carbon offsets are a great way to alleviate guilt and carbon. Make sure to use a reliable offset company. Tufts University did a study on which offset companies were a cut above the rest.

4. Don't Use the Airplane Bathroom Using an airplane bathroom consumes about six miles worth of gasoline. If you gotta go, you gotta go. But if you go before takeoff or hold it till after arrival, you'd be doing the world a service.

5. Pack Less The more weight a plane has to carry, the more fuel it has to consume. If 200 passengers packed 5 fewer pounds, they'd relieve the plane one half-ton. Some airlines are removing the paint from their planes to reduce weight, by 440lbs. Every little bit helps. Do your part.