Are you tired of plain old dyed eggs for Easter? Here are a few ways to jazz your eggs up, including wax resist, natural dyes, and a method that makes your eggs look tie-dyed.

1. Onion Skin Eggs

These eggs are gorgeous! Use ferns, flowers and leaves to make an image on these eggs dyed with onion skins. If you blow the eggs out before dying, they will last for years.

2. Drop Pull Eggs with Wax

With this batik-like method, you can make an assortment of beautiful designs, from very simple to highly intricate. These eggs are sure to become family heirlooms.

3. "Tie Dyed" Eggs

These eggs have a funky tie-dyed look. The method shown here is simple, making it a fun project to do with young children.

4. All Natural Dyed Eggs

Do you love the onion dyed method, but wish for more colors? Here are some suggestions for how to get a bit of variety in your dyes.

5. Speckled and Stamped Eggs Once your eggs have a base color, take things one step farther with speckling or stamping. This is a great way to personalize your eggs. Stamp on someone's name for a special Easter surprise.