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These 3 eco-smart alternatives to printing out a traditional cover sheet for your faxes are just as clear and professional as a regular cover page, but won't waste paper.The next time you shoot off an important fax, try one of these green ideas, and save a tree while you get your message out.

1. Grab a Label

Instead of printing out a full cover page, just leave space on the first page of your actual document for a stick-on label where you can put the crucial "To" and "From" information. When you send a fax, you not only use paper on your end, you also use paper on the recipient's end. So, by cutting out an unnecessary cover page and using a label instead, you're actually saving two full sheets. Print less, and you'll reduce your environmental impact.That's a lot of power from one little sticker.

2. Make a Reusable Cover Sheet Print out a blank cover page, then get it laminated.Every time you want to send a fax, just write the pertinent info on your reusable cover sheet with a dry-erase marker (preferably one from a green office supply vendor!), and send your document out. Once you missive it on its merry way, you can wipe the laminated slate clean for next time. If you send a lot of faxes, this idea can really take a dent out of your paper usage. Plus, it saves you time, because you'll always have a cover sheet handy without having to print one every time you need to get a document out. For bonus points, post your laminated warhorse on a bulletin board near the fax machine, and encourage others in your office to make use of it, too.

3. Hit the Recycling Bin Find a piece of paper in the recycling bin that's only been printed on one side, and print your cover sheet on the back.Your recipient will be none the wiser, and you'll have found a totally practical reuse for something that would?ve been discarded, which is way green.

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