The term "Naked Ape" entered our everyday vocabulary in 1967 with the release of a book called, yes, The Naked Ape. In that book, author and zoologist Desmond Morris stated that "humans were merely one of the many variations in the ape family. He then attempted to explain the complexity of human behavior by comparing it to that of the lesser apes. The book became a bestseller."

In a follow-up book, The Human Zoo (1969), Morris "likens the urban environment of cities to that of a zoo, illustrating how confined animals seem to demonstrate many of the same behavior patterns as human beings often do in crowded cities."

Morris' work has its share of advocates and detractors but from a green standpoint, it could be a positive step forward if we humans were more able to re-connect with nature by appreciating and celebrating our animal-ness. After all, we are just monkeys with delusions of grandeur.

One way to bond with your inner chimp is recognize the needs of our fellow primates.