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Ahhh the capitalist institution of... holidays. On some level, we all comprehend that conspicuous consumption never worked and must end yesterday but denial reigns when the holidays roll around. To forge your new holiday path, try Planet Green's "How to Go Green: Holidays."

Top Tips for Greening Your Holidays

Share the E-Love: Gift cards are fast becoming the trendy idea when it comes to the holidays so why not take it the next level by choosing e-cards? Eliminate the envelope, the stamp, and the packaging without pruging the thrill of giving a gift that's green and widely appreciated.

Let There Be (Less) Light: Is there a better example of mistaking quantity for quality than the yearly display of energy-eating holiday lights? Is there a better example of groupthink? Reminder: It's not mandated by law that holiday spirit be measured in tiny blinking lights.

How and Why You Give: There are plenty of "green gift" guides. does one every year. explains how our purchases matter. offers excellent gift ideas like: an annual pass to State Parks. But maybe can we go further than simply mirroring our commodity culture with a green version?

Did You Know?

- 43% of shoppers purchase gifts through catalogs

- 30% of shoppers plan to purchase gifts over the Internet

- 20% of toys, out of 1,500 tested by the Ecology Center, contained lead

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