The world’s largest recycling bin (at around 35 feet in height) in Berlin, Germany.

Recyclers are dressed as bins and stand beside the world's largest recycling bin (at around 35 feet in height) in Berlin, Germany during European Recycling Week in 2004.

Michael Urban/AFP/Getty Images

Many of us buy coffee on the way to work every morning -- it's simply convenient. All of those paper cups and coffee clutches tend to have at least some post-consumer recycled content, but once your Joe is poured, that's usually the death knell for their life cycles. What's more, while your car idles in the drive-thru line, you're emitting carbon dioxide. Instead, try making your coffee at home before you hit the road. It's a safe bet your favorite spot sells the same bulk beans they use to make your morning coffee. Get a reusable to-go cup, fill it up and you're all set. Just be sure to unplug your coffee maker before you leave; no point in having one more appliance vampire sucking juice while you're gone.

And morning coffee's just the beginning. Use your imagination: In what other areas can you trim you consumption? It won't take long for you to discover that some green practices are more expensive than what you're currently accustomed to. One nice thing about teaching yourself to reduce consumption is that it's an instance where greening your life is less expensive, too.