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I remember as a child how I was so enamored with moss—with its neon green colors, soft yet clumpy texture; it seemed like it came from space. I just couldn't figure out how it grew and ended up blanketing the tall rocks in the woods near my house. Today, as somewhat of an adult moss is back in my life as an eco-friendly landscaping option. It provides all the aesthetic purposes of other greenery because it can stay green year round.

Why is moss so green?

- You don't have to mow it like you would a lawn so no fossil fuels are wasted.

- Moss can grow in all sorts of environments. Moss is also super low maintenance because it doesn't have roots and therefore you don't need special soil like you would other plants.

- Moss doesn't have cuticle (the waxy coating on leaves that makes the water runoff) and as a result all water is absorbed and none is wasted.

Moss Myths:

- It doesn't have to grow in the shade, it can grow anywhere.

- Moss does not just grow on the northside of trees, it can grow on any side.

Moss Tips:

- Don't drench moss with water, it just needs a regular mist.

- Remove excess weeds that could crowd the moss.

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