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When it comes to executing a green move, as Jasmin so astutely pointed out, buying brand-new cardboard boxes is about the last thing you want to do. If you're a diligent planner, then methodically gathering boxes from your pals and area businesses like grocery stores and liquor stores is a great way to go. But, if the thought of cruising around town for a few weeks in advance to collect them melts your brain, don't fret; there's a way you can get recycled boxes sent straight to your door.

The good folks at have set up a handy service that'll provide you with recycled boxes on the cheap. They buy either (gently) used boxes from others who have them in excess, or rescue boxes from businesses that might otherwise throw them away because of misprints or supply needs, do a little quality control, and then send them your way. And because recycled or used cardboard doesn't fetch much cash on the open market, they're cheap!

They have packages ranging from a single studio or dorm room all the way up to a six-bedroom home or six-room office, so you're covered, no matter your boxing needs. And, if you're part of a business that has 1,000 boxes or more lying around, they'll pay you for 'em, and round and round we go.

So, while carefully wrapping your gear in old t-shirts, newspapers and the like is perhaps the greenest way to go, if your scavenging time is cut short, this used box route is a great way to tread more lightly when you're on the move.

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