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One of the scariest things I remember from my childhood was the episode of Magnum PI where Magnum was trapped under an airplane and gets bitten by a centipede. The centipede's venom causes Mangum to hallucinate Higgins with a fly's head. This episode was too complicated for my young mind to handle, and scenes from that episode still haunt me to this very day. And that's why you should listen to these tips.

Here are some tips for keeping centipedes out of your home

1. Move firewood away from your house.

2. Repair holes with caulk. Weatherstrip around your windows and doors. A well-insulated home is a centipede-free home.

3. Fix leaks.

4. Centipedes are predators. Keeping your home free of pests will also keep your home free of centipedes.

5. Centipedes like hanging around woodpiles and compost bins. If you move those things near to your garden, centipedes will also be near your garden and they will gobble down pests.

6. Using pesticides for centipedes isn't very effective, since the centipede corpses will attract more inse