More About Small Space Gardening:

I don't know about you, but once the festivities of December and early January are over, I am more than ready to get my hands in the soil and grow something. The only problem is.... it's January. In Michigan.

But there's no need to despair. There are a few small gardening projects you can undertake now to soothe your lust for loam (and the fact that I just used alliteration when writing about loam is proof that I need to do some gardening!) With that in mind, here are three ways to get growing right now:

1. Grow Sprouts.

I love growing sprouts. It doesn't satisfy my need to dig in the dirt (since you only use water to sprout the seeds) but it does allow me to watch small green shoots emerging from tiny seeds, and, even better, to eat the results.

2. Try Winter Sowing.

You know all of those seeds we buy (or that form on certain plants in your garden) that are reliable self sowers? If you want a little more control over where these plants end up, and satisfy your inner gardener at the same time, you could try planting them up in a container (such as a milk jug) and setting them outside. Yes, right now! They'll sit there through the winter, and sprout at just the right time. Once the plants have their first true leaves in early spring, you can plant them wherever you want in your garden. And, yes, I like this method because I get to play with soil...

2. Grow Microgreens.

Is there anything prettier on top of a sandwich or frittata than a healthy sprinkling of colorful microgreens? These tasty little leaves grow very well indoors on a sunny windowsill, and can be harvested in as little as two weeks, depending on which variety you're growing.

Bonus Activity: Dreaming of my garden also helps pass the time quite a bit, so spend some time looking through seed catalogs and planning what you'd like to grow in the coming spring and summer. Winter will pass before you know it, and you'll be out in the garden again.