Herbs are a necessity if you are trying to up the quality of the food you prepare for family and friends, plus they are down right pricey at the grocery store. What's more, you don't always need a lot of one thing. Recipes usually require a little bit of variety. Instead of buying large portions of three different kinds, grow your herbs at home and enjoy the benefits of picking off what you want when you want it.

1. Basil

Basil is a great choice and it comes in over 150 different varieties like lime basil, Thai basil, and sweet basil. Remember, basil is easy to grow but you must select the proper sunny location to grow it successfully. If you're growing basil in pots (likely in the winter) make sure that there's enough drainage at the base of the pot so that your plant doesn't drown. Avoid any late spring frosts that could destroy your bud. Sow at any time if the plant is always to be kept indoors. If planting outside wait until late February. Put your parsley to use: Emeril's White Bean and Parsley Pesto.

2. Oregano

As with the basil, you can start the seeds inside and take them outside when the temperature reaches about 45 degrees (which is most of the year in my native state of South Carolina). Oregano likes well-drained soil, on the lean side, and full sun. Rich soil tends to dilute the pungency of the flavor.

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3. Parsley

Soak parsley seeds overnight before planting because the seeds tend to take several weeks to germinate. Plant the seeds in the early spring about a foot apart, in about 1/2 inch of soil.

Put your parsley to use: Emeril's White Bean and Parsley Pesto.

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