Jill Chen/istockphoto


Micro greens are a delicate green that work really well when you're looking to a make an artistic statement in the form of a salad. Chefs love to showcase their seasonal best atop a wispy mountain of micro greens. I recently made a grilled watermelon salad and place it atop micro greens. They were the perfect accompaniment to the melon. They can also be grown pretty easily and you don't need a big gardening set up to get started according to the Guardian. Micro greens are the middle stage between the sprouts and the formation of the leave. The micro green is highly coveted because it's tasty and nutritious and beautiful.

Here's how to grow your own micro greens:

1.You can pretty much grow them right in your kitchen. Sow the seeds in a seed tray with 1 inch of compost in the bottom of the tray. Apply seeds liberally and water.

2.Place in a warm, sunny room or on your windowsill and cut shoots when they reach 2 inches. This takes between five and 12 days depending on the season.

Other tips:

The beauty of micro greens is that they can be a variety of plants. It's not what kind of plant that makes it micro, it's the stage that the crop is at. Use micro greens fr a variety of dishes. For example, top tomato basil soup with micro basil or garnish a fresh made pasta with oregano micro greens. Your options are truly endless.