Jaymi Heimbuch


Mushrooms are very nutritious and also very easy to grow. Though getting them started may seem like a challenge if you aren't quite sure where to begin.

Far West Fungus was at Maker Faire 09, providing minikits that would have buyers swimming in Shiitake or Tree Oyster mushrooms in just 2 to 6 months. Far West Fungus is a certified organic mushroom farm based in San Francisco. While their mushrooms can only be found at local farmers markets, you could be your own organic mushroom farmer by taking their lead and learning to grow Shiitake or Tree Oyster mushrooms for yourself.

You can buy certified organic mushroom growing kits online from several resources, and a wide variety of fungus is available for you to choose from when getting ready to grow your own.

Mushrooms can get pricey in stores and you might not be able to find organic options. But growing them yourself is far less expensive and far more interesting!

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