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Putting office plants in your workspace is healthy for you, healthy for the environment, and easy on the eyes. Save water, and exaggerate your gardening prowess, with one of these happy indoor plants that's pretty close to impossible to kill. Leave it be on the weekend, or forget to water your plant during a busy hump-day, and a hearty survivor like one of the flora listed below won't even notice. Instead of shriveling up and dying like a more finicky plant would start to do, one of these tough customers will keep on taking a bite out of indoor air pollution by grabbing bad stuff like carbon monoxide right out of the atmosphere, just like...well, just like nature intended.

Spider Plant

Spider plants are happy with watering just once a week, and do well in moderately cool places, which is good news if you're in an office where air conditioning is just part of the daily deal. They do best when they're near a window so that they can get some natural light, but don't put them right in the path of very strong sun or the leaves will freak out and start turning brown. Spider plants like it mellow.

Jade Plant

Jade plants can keep growing for decades, which definitely tells you something about how tough they are. Much like the parrot on the shoulder of a pirate, there's a chance that your jade plant might outlive you, but chances are, it'll just be a cool, laid-back partner in crime and will keep most of your secrets.

Peace Lily

These elegant white flowers only need watering about twice a week and have an exotic look that belies how easy they are to handle. Most flowers need a lot of sunlight to fully bloom, but peace lilies still put on a show in low-to-middling lighting conditions, which makes them optimal for bringing a little eye candy to a dingy cubicle.

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