We all know that shipping packages across the country can be hard on the planet. All those fossil fuels from transportation, the boxes, the bubble wrap: it's an eco-mess. But still, there are some items that you just can't get close to home. So why not choose a company that offsets its carbon footprint when you place your order? Wanna offset your shipping? Here's how:

Shop with green companies that offset carbon for you.

Evogear sells all sorts of great outdoor gear for your next eco-adventure. Need ski gear? This company has skis, ski boots, snowboards, and other apparel. Alonovo sells everything including electronics, baby gear, computers, music, flowers, books, movies, kitchen stuff, garden supplies, clothes, gaming, toys, tools, and ecards. Want to green your vino? Clif Family Winery recently introduced Green My Shipment, a program that allows customers to reduce the environmental impact of their wine shipment. By adding only $0.25 per bottle to their order, Clif Family Winery customers can help to offset the CO2 emissions generated by the packaging and shipment of their order.

- Offset your own shipping.'s CarbonFreer Shipping allows you to offset shipping. It costs just a few pennies to offset the climate impact of a typical package, depending on the weight of the shipment, the method of shipment, and the distance the package will travel. uses offset funds to support renewable energy projects such as wind and bio-fuels that reduce or offset CO2 emissions. also supports energy efficiency and reforestation projects that effectively render activities carbon neutral.

- Choose a greener shipping choice.

Using Gogreen Express is as simple as paying an additional three percent fee on top of the cost of the overall bill. DHL then invests the money into green projects like vehicle technology, solar panels, and reforestation.

Are you a green hipster looking for all things green and cool? Then you'll love actor and eco-activist Adrian Grenier and his team of environmental experts, who live it up with sustainable style on Planet Green TV's Alter Eco.