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Over the past few years, many people have been making the switch to LED string lights for their holiday decorations and recycling their old incandescent lights. With an average energy savings of 80%, it's no wonder the switch is so appealing! More people are gaining awareness of the need to conserve energy at every turn, even during the festivities of the holidays, so LED lights are getting a lot of attention.

We've found a resource, HolidayLEDs, that shows you everything you need to know to comfortably switch to LEDs, as well as what to do with those old string lights.

Calculate Your Energy Savings

While LED lights offer some incredible energy savings, they can be pretty pricey. The higher up-front cost can sometimes deter customers who think that the energy savings is cancelled out by the purchase price. However, HolidayLEDs has great instructions for how to calculate your savings by switching to LED string lights. They lay out an easy-to-follow formula so you'll know just what kind of return on investment to expect. LED string lights have a long life expectancy, so even though they might be more expensive up front, you'll definitely be helping out the environment and saving money in the long run.

Recycle Old Lights for Free

HolidayLEDs also has a free recycling program for old lights. Simply mail in your old lights, and you'll receive a coupon for 15% off items in their online store. What a great reward for recycling! You can use the discount to purchase your new LED string lights. The company explains just how they recycle the lights, so you can rest assured that your old lights are being properly processed.

Shop 'til You Drop

And finally, HolidayLEDs is an excellent resource for

We also recommend checking out the solar powered LED string lights featured in TreeHugger's Holiday Gift Guide. You can't beat the energy savings of a string of LED lights you don't even have to plug in!

If you want to keep your old lights but they're in need of a little TLC, follow some simple repair instructions to keep them going for a few more years.