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Ever try to rock a holiday sweater with zero success? Well, there are a few solutions to make sure that sweater doesn

One of the most useful things to do with a wearable, is to turn it into another wearable. CraftStylish has a great how-to for turning a sweater into a warm winter hat It provides you the opportunity to cut out the most hideous sections of your holiday sweater, and make it into something that leans more towards stylishly colorful.

If you'd like to practice your felting skills on an ungly wool holiday sweater, you can turn the resulting fabric into a Christmas tree ornament for next year, or even some cute little mittens The mittens can even be used as a gift bag for next year's presents. These ideas can spark more clever creations for holidays throughout the year. Or, you can swap a sweater for a stocking to hang by the fire. And one of the most fun-filled ideas is turning it into a stuffed animal. Martha Stewart has a few great patterns for sewing sweaters into animals,   and they'd make wonderful toys for cats or kids. Choose from a chicken, goat or pig, or get your imagination going to create your own pattern!

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