Group of People at an Employment Agency from national library

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Lets get real, times are tough and a lot of people are losing their jobs. A lot of people are looking at their options, and one of them is working from home and working on your own or on a startup of some kind. One might think that it is a crappy time to start a new career, but as Seth Godin writes:

"Inc. magazine reports that a huge percentage of companies in this year's Inc. 500 were founded within months of 9/11. Talk about uncertain times.

"But uncertain times, frozen liquidity, political change and poor astrological forecasts (not to mention chicken entrails) all lead to less competition, more available talent and a do-or-die attitude that causes real change to happen.

"If I wasn't already running my own business, today is the day I'd start one."

So let's toss out the doom and gloom of the times, we have got an idea for a business, a book, a blog, a whatever. The technology exists so that we can do it from our home. So where do we start? How do we do it on the cheap?

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