Credit Marty Baldwin

Feeling the pressure to send your kids (or yourself) out on Halloween with a homemade costume that doesn't look homemade? Even non DIYers can get creative with these ideas for homemade costumes from Parents magazine. (Yes, the costumes here were made by moms for their kids, but many of them work just as well for adults.)

Pac-Man: This mom used a black pillowcase to turn her son into a Pac-Man machine by using a red paint pen to draw the maze and cutting out felt ghosts as the obstacles. Then she added Pac-Man himself to a yellow hat for a costume that was easy to make and easier to wear.

Zombie: A classic Halloween look gets a DIY makeover for this family: mom tore strips from an old white sheet and sewed them onto a t-shirt and pants for a spooky wrapped look.

Scuba Diver: You have a bathing suit, right? And a t-shirt? Make flippers out of foam or paper to hide your shoes and add two empty soda bottles for your air canisters, and you're ready to hit the trick-or-treating circuit.

Find more ideas for homemade costumes—including a set of dice, a Christmas tree, a chocolate chip cookie, Elvis, and a mad scientist—at the Parents magazine Halloween site.