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Dog toys can get pretty pricey; in fact, I bought my dog a toy for nearly $15 the other day. But I just can't resist keeping Madison and Bella happily occupied while I'm at work.

Try an alternative and cut your consumption by using what you have around the house to make your own dog toys. It's cheaper, and you will avoid having to deal with the remnants of those junky plastic toys that you find at the pet store after your pooch tears them apart. You can make great toys with items that you probably have just sitting around the house, like old tennis balls, socks, and rope. With a little creativity you can keep your dog busy without emptying your wallet. Here's how to make some super easy toys that will keep your pets playing for hours:

Sock Ball Dog Toy

1. Take a really long sweat sock and stuff it with an old tennis ball. Make sure the sock is clean and on the newer side. If your sock is really old your scent might confuse your dog into thinking that it's ok to chew up your socks.

2. Get creative and draw a face or something that amuses you on the part of the sock covering the ball.

3. Knot the sock to hold the tennis ball in place. Your pup will LOVE this toy and go nuts playing with it.

Ball on a Rope

1. Drill two holes in opposite sides of a tennis ball.

2. Thread a piece of extra rope or cord through the holes and tie the rope tightly just above the ball.

3. Play fetch with this toy and your dog will go flying after it.

Jingle Ball

Dogs love new noises and will love chasing this toy. Just make sure the noise won't drive you batty first. 1. Poke a tiny hole into an old tennis ball and insert a simple, metal bell.

2. Keep your dog really interested by inserting one of their favorite treats, too. While they likely won't be able to get to the treat, they'll go crazy trying.

3. Reseal the opening with a few sewing stitches. Your dogs will be making music with the ball all day long.

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