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There are very easy ways to make eco-friendly picture frames. Unfortunately, far too many people out there don't think twice about something like buying picture frames. The negative part about buying new pictures frames is this: They encourage the destruction of trees, production of plastics, and they always come with totally unnecessary printed model pictures, for whatever reason. Why not make your own? Sure, it requires some creativity, but I think the outcome is better this way.

I'd bet that you've got some of the following materials lying around your home:

Cardboard Plywood Thick plastic Broken glass Clear plastic

By combining these items and then decorating with paint or whatever else you choose, you can make really unique picture frames that your friends and family will adore. Here's what I did:

I cut two 8 by 10 pieces of cardboard and painted them black. On one of them, I cut out the inner frame. Mine left around two inches at every edge. I used Velcro tape to seal the two cardboard pieces together. A clear piece of plastic from a take-out container was large enough to fit over the portion where my picture would go so, from the inside out, I glued that plastic to the front piece. Once I inserted my picture, I was done! You can do it, too.

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