Audrey Roorda/istockphoto


While Goodwill is always a good way to cut the clutter and get rid of all your old cloths, here's another cool way to put your old cloths to use. Make a quilt, what an awesome way to sew all your old memories into one fabulous memento. Thanks to eHow Network I learned to make my own quilt.

- Pick out at least 30 to 40 of your favorite old shirts and skirts and cut into squares for the quilt. Cut into uniform squares. Try 56-seven inch squares in an 8 squares down by 7 squares across layout.

- It's easier to sew a chain of squares first (7 squares across), then once you have the chains of squares sewn, sew the chains together to create the top of your quilt.

- Decide the size of the quilt and cut your pre-washed backing material to fit the dimensions of the sewn squares plus 4 inches on each side. Also, lay out your quilt batting and cut it to fit the quilt squares.

- Pin all three layers together, folding in the 4 inch edges once to make an even edge and again to meet the top of the quilt. Pin between each square through all three layers.

- Sew along the backing edge. Once you have sewn around the edges, stitch the individual squares to help secure the batting and prevent bunching.