Get some friends together and arrange a swap of clothes and accessories you're sure you'll never wear again. That pashmina that reminds you of your cheating ex-boyfriend could be exactly what someone else is looking for to top off her new duds, sans emotional baggage. Eat, drink, and trade merrily with these tips from Real Simple:

1. Make it a true party: Send invitations, and serve food and drinks.

2: Make it seasonal: Hold your swap party at the start of a new season, when you switch your closets around.

3. Create a virtual-store atmosphere: Set up full-length mirrors and changing areas. When Heidi Hoelzer, 27, hosted a swap party for friends in New York City, she purchased a rolling rack from the Container Store to make it easy to browse clothes.4. Place items in categories: Shoes in one area, accessories in another.

5. Make sure attendees bring only items that they're ready to part with: Nothing is worse than falling in love with another woman's shirt, only to be told she's having second thoughts about giving it up.

Donate leftover clothing to charities such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army, or check with your churches, local hospitals, and women's shelters to see if they have clothing-donation programs. If your pieces are in good shape, consider selling them on consignment, as well. ::Real Simple

Difficulty level: Moderate