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Everybody likes showers. They are a great place for singing, especially if you are a horrible singer. There is something about the shower that makes even the worst set of vocal pipes seem almost passable. Speaking of pipes, the shower accounts for a fifth of the water usage in our homes. That's a lot of water. The shower also uses electricity via the hot water heater. Why not install a low flow shower head? It will reduce your shower-based water and electricity usage by about half. Making your shower green will give you something else to sing about.

Installing a low flow shower head is really simple. If you know how to install a shower head, I hope you enjoyed the intro paragraph, but you can go home for the day and take a nap. For the rest of you, here are the instructions.

1. Unscrew old shower head. You may need an adjustable wrench.

2. Take note of your shower head. Does it have threads? Is it threadless?

3. Go to store find a low flow shower head that is either threadful or threadless based on your threading needs.

4. Purchase rubber washer.

5. Take shower head home.

6. Thread rubber washer onto the shower head mount.

7. Screw in low flow shower head.

8. Shower.