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Thanks to that handy series of tubes known as the Internet (thanks, Mr. Stevens) greening your commute is easier than ever. It's become increasingly simple to find or start a carpool. There are plenty of distinct websites offering the service to choose from—maybe too many. Carpool Connect, eRide Share, GoLoco, Zimride, and on and on. Is it possible that it's become far too easy to offer carpool communication services, thus effectively making it more difficult to pick one and arrange a ride than ever? I think I just blew my own mind.

Fear not. Here's a quick rundown of online carpool services. Take a look and see which one will suit you best.

Carpool Connect: Basic, bare-bones service. After you register, you can join the carpool community, leave messages, and find carpoolers looking for rideshares. The site's simplistic interface however, does it no favors, and its additional services and functions aren't exactly clear.

eRideshare: With a similar operating system as Connect, eRideshare goes the extra mile in offering a service for cross-country travelers. Where Carpool Connect's interface was bare bones and frank, however, eRideshare's is a tad cluttered and the information is scattered.

Carpool World: This blog style rideshare system immediately brings up a map of your local area, and pinpoints the rides available. A scrolling message board lets you see who needs to go where, and who's actually going. Members can post messages themselves. Intuitive and easy, Carpool World's biggest detractor is the surfeit of Google ads that litter the site.

GoLoco: A sort of mash up between a social site and a carpool service, GoLoco matches rides to prospective riders within its community database. You sign up and create a profile where friends and family can touch base with your projected traveling. GoLoco certainly displays the most personality—it makes arranging carpooling seem like checking in on your MySpace page.

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